The Design of this wiki is based on instructions and requirements listed in the Assignment Guide in BlackBoard. There are 8 sections in the top navigation and there may be changes in the future.


  • Team information, including names, student’s ids and a synopsis.
  • One page for each student linked from a main team page.
  • Details of the tasks assigned to each group member


  • Keep a record of all meetings in one content area. It will be easier if most meetings are recorded using the Wiki’s forums.


  • The theory that underpins IM and KM.
  • How this theory links to a strategy for building an IM/KM tool. Include links, documents, images and other resources that could be useful.

Design & Planning

  • How the design of the Wiki is informed by the theory
  • Detail the resources included on the Wiki – include a brief rationale for each resource included (i.e. how it enables or improves IM and KM)
  • Details of the decisions made by the Group about the Wiki set up

A3 Research

  • Individuals create a page within the Wiki for their individual A3 research
  • Each reference should have its own individual page with a written summary
  • The final synthesis of A3 submitted as normal


  • Students are encouraged to reflect about the Wiki at times during the semester. The final Reflection will be due at the end of the course after A4 is submitted


  • How should the Wiki be used?
  • What is the process for making changes?
  • What are the rules for chatting?


  • You will be asked to do readings and presentations during the course.
  • A review and discussion of readings using the Wiki (try using the forum) will give you bonus marks.

(BlackBoard, 2007)


BlackBoard, 2007, 5th August 2007,

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