Week 6

Date: 5th August 2007
Topic:In class activities:

I have good exerience in doing activities in class which helps me improve my teamwork spirit, discussion, screening ideas and presentation skill. Moreover, I can have chance to study from feedback given by the lecturer and study from other teams' experience.

Date: 5th August 2007
Topic:Hands-on exercises

I can come up with various types of knowledge from practising classes. I can have chance to review and evaluate what I have learned in theory class. In these classes, I am also able to work with my team members and get clear instructions from the lecturer. After practising in class, I can apply the knowledge to accessing my team's wiki, me research and working on company project.

Week 7

Date: 7th-10th August 2007
Topic:How to search information by using search tools? And which are the effective search engines?

On Tuesday, teacher handed out some websites and links that can help us to find information easier. However, first of all we had to login in online library. Igot trouble because my ID excced the limitec time so i can not access. After using other member's ID, i can explore the RMIT databases. Actually, before i used RMIT databases to find information for last assignments. I feel safety to get information from this databse because it supply reliable and accurate information. We practise to find some information using this database.

After exploring the online RMIT databases, we accessed links on blackboard. These links provided us a huge of searching engines. iIt is so amazing , I did not see a lot websites that can help me to find information like this before. I did not have time to look at all them but i also entered some websites. I like Kartoon website because the interface is so attracting strangly.

Although there are so many websites, each provides limited services for small
certain areas. If i have time, i will explore all of them to find out the advantages of each or main areas that website can provide for us. So that i can apply to find information quickly . It is very helpful to know how to use engines to search information academicly and effectively.

Now, for me, Google is still the the quick seraching engine even the information sometimes do not accuare. It also provides the simple interface and gate to access information in
many areas.

I usually spend a lot of time for searching information. i think my skills is very poor. i hope searching engines can help me in the future.

Week 8

Date: 14th-17th August 2007

Week 9

Date: 21st -24 August 2007
Topic:Virtual classroom

This week we are practicing to use the virtual classrom on RMIT online. Through this virtual classroom, each member can communicate and discuss about information or requirements relate to assignments. It looks like Yahoo Massenger and has many functions as well. However the virtual classroom is allowed to use in and outside RMIT which is very convenient for each member to contact when they are online at the same time. In contrast,the Yahoo Massenger is more popular but it is not allowed in RMIT online so the members can not contact with others when they are inside RMIT. However, without arranging time to chat beetwen memebers, both of tools are unuseful. Therefore, we usually messeage or commend. If we wantto chat with each other to discuss or decide about a serious problem, we have to arrange appropriate time to online the same time. Overall, the virtual classroom is more safetier than because it is protected by RMIT security. Therefore, we will fell safety to discuss through virtual classroom.

Week 11

Date: 21st -24 August 2007
Topic: Discussion about "Share and share alike" (Xerox case) through Virtual classroom

In this class we apply the virtual classroom to discuss about the Xerox case. All emmbers in class can join to discuss about the case. Although, i read this article at home, i can not understand all the problems in the "Share and share alike" case. However, after discussing with members in the team through the virtual classroom, i understand the case. Acctually, i recognized partly the main issues in the "Share and share alike" article such as applying knowledge management successful in the Xerox. It also said "True knowledge sharing has to start and end with the people who have the knowledge".They want to build an expert system-an artificial intelligent system which can think like a person. However technicians did not agree because it can not act as a real human, specially in unexpected problems and want to make these repairs. Therefore, the disagreement beetwen researchers and technicians about was a result. Overall, this artcle discuss about the important of knowledge sharing beetwen members in a organization.

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