Pham Thi Quynh Trang

  • Student ID: s3123596
  • Email: nv.ude.timr|6953213s#nv.ude.timr|6953213s
  • She is a very vital sort of person and she is humorous, too. She has a swift wit and gives the fastest work.
  • Task: search information, apply in practice.

Tran Nu Ngoc Lan

  • Student ID: s3124799
  • Email: nv.ude.timr|9974213s#nv.ude.timr|9974213s
  • She is a calm and easy person. She has ability to acquire knowledge quickly and sharp analysis.
  • Task: review information and apply theory.

Doan Nhu Phuong

  • Student ID: s3124801
  • Email: nv.ude.timr|1084213s#nv.ude.timr|1084213s
  • She is an organized and careful person. She has an eagerness for new knowledge and challenges.
  • Task: organize information and checking.

Tran Thanh Thao

  • Student ID: s3123534
  • Email: nv.ude.timr|4353213s#nv.ude.timr|4353213s
  • She is an active and intelligent person. She is able to interpret things, create ideas, and provide good problem solving.
  • Task: search and interpret information, make good design of page.
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