Week 6

Date: 5th August 2007
Topic: Hand-on exercise:

Teacher gave me some exercise to practice what we have learnt. The first exercise is about the knowledge. Teacher divided into group of 6. Our group is in charge of doing the explicit knowledge and professional information.
The second exercise is to make the presentation about Vinadisc. By this exercise, I have a chance to practice for the information needs of an organization information audit. Actually, I think that this exercise is so useful for me to know and understand more about the information audit. Moreover, my group members have chance to discuss together and come closer together. This task not only helps me understand more about theory but also about my group members. Especially when we make presentation in class, teacher evaluates my presentation such as what I did wrong and what I did well. In addition to, I can learn many from other group’s presentation. Their structure has many different with mine. Some give excellent idea that helps me to understand more. In general, although it is just the practice, most of students make effort in doing that.

Date: 5th August 2007
Topic: In class discussion:

Teacher usually gives me some hand- out when we start to learn new topic. For example, teacher gives me some “ wikidot : wiki editor additional instructions” for understanding about wiki. When I follows the instructions, I can ask teacher if I don’t understand any point. I really like these hand out because its gave the specific instructions step by step. It is not hard for me to follow these steps. Or when I learn about the data integration, teacher gave the instruction also. By creating new access files which is imported and linked from excel files, I understand more about the data integration.

Date: 5th August 2007
Topic: How do Wiki help me to manage information well?

I think wiki is the useful place for me to manage information because I can store, edit, acquire and share information.

*Store information
This is the useful place for me to store information. For instance, my group builds up GONGM page which introduces about each members and members’ reflection and research or record about this information management course. Beside storing information, I can edit information. At each page, there is many tools for me to edit like “insert link wizard”, “insert image”, “embed video”, “italic font”…

*Acquire information
Wiki has “ rss” feed . It can help me to update new information from other website like “www.ngoisao .net”. So, I can read the news often.

*Share information
Wiki also help me to share information with others. Like, if I want somebody view my page, I can invite them as my member or my admin. So, they can access my page to view information at any time. Moreover, wiki allows me to insert meebo into it. So, I can chat with friend by using wiki.
Moreover, I can trust wiki’s security because it requires my user name and password every time I want to log in.

Date: 7th August 2007
Topic: How to use online library and search engine effectively?

Today, teacher guide us how to use the online library. however, most of students can't log in the library. Luckily, some member lend me her username and password. Maybe, i have to go to IT department right after class.
Another thing i learnt from clasS today is "search engine". I has discovered many pages for searching .. that is so exciting

Date: 12th september 2007
Topic: Reflection for knowledge bases

question 1:what knowledge is embedded into these knowledge bases ?

each department can store their own information like staff number. HR department can store the information about salary, position of each staff.

question 3: what are advantages of using a knowledge base instead of people ?
by using knowledge base, I can easily access and search the needed information. If using peole, people can't give me the accurate information all the time. Moreover, people need time to think …

question 4: can knowledge bases replace people ?
Although knowlege base can bring many benefits like give the accurate information and quick respond, knowledge base can't replace people because it is lack of thinking and creativity. It just stores information which people set.

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